Being told to switch locations?

Not all imaging centers provide the same level of care.

Take control over where you have your imaging exam performed and interpreted!

We advise patients to make their own decisions on who can best care for their specific healthcare needs. Talk to your primary care physician to get their informed recommendation of the best radiology group for your care. For the best quality care, you are encouraged to listen to your physician, not your insurance company. Basing medical decisions solely on economics and not clinical quality or evidence-based conclusions jeopardizes patient safety and quality of care.

Occasionally, patients are encouraged to switch to a different imaging facility from the one that their physician referred them to. Without appropriate and thoughtful engagement with your primary care physician in regards to the precise information they’re looking for from the exam request, switching centers can potentially impact the care path created for you. Imaging centers differ from facility to facility. They each have different technologies, which impacts the quality of the images that are generated, and they each have different levels of physician expertise in guiding the study and interpreting the images (subspecialty trained radiologists versus general radiologists).

The best advice is to always work with you primary care physician to choose the imaging center and radiology group that best suits your exam and/or procedure needs and proceed with that course of action.