Neurointerventional Surgery

Neurointerventional surgeons specialize in minimally invasive brain surgery. They use image based technologies in performing procedures to diagnose and treat disease states of the head, neck, and spine, including ruptured and non-ruptured brain aneurysms, and acute stroke (before permanent disability has set in). These surgeries are performed by making a small nick in the skin, through which tiny tubes or catheters are advanced. These tools are then guided to their intended targets in the brain, head, neck, or spine using sophisticated imaging technologies allowing definitive treatment with coil, stents, and balloons within the sensitive neural tissue of the brain.

Their subspecialty focus allows them to deliver complex stroke care, giving patients the best chance of surviving this potentially devastating medical condition. Neurointerventional surgeons also play a vital part in the process of catching and treating diseases and conditions such as aneurysm, carotid atherosclerotic disease, head and neck tumors, traumatic vascular lesions, and more.