How do I choose a radiologist?

It can seem complicated to choose the radiologist or radiology group practice you want involved in your care. But with just a little bit of research, you can make the best, most well informed decision that will ultimately provide you with the best radiology care possible. Here’s how to take control over who is reading your imaging exams:

  • Talk to your primary care physician to get their informed opinion about the right radiology group for you.
  • Do some internet research on radiologists and radiology groups that are local to your area. Be sure to also include your specific disease state/condition (e.g. fibroids) in your search. Then take your findings to your primary care physician to have them validated.
  • Check out the profiles of other progressive, subspecialized radiology group practices and look for something similar in your market. Examples can be found under About Us on this website. More examples are available on the Strategic Radiology (SR) website. SR is the nation’s largest network of independent radiology groups consisting of 17 practices and more than 1,200 radiologists geographically dispersed across the US.

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